Workshop within the project organized by SNPP Politia Penitenciara in Bucharest/Romania

On 2nd and 3rd of November 2022 SNPP Politia Penitenciara organised a workshop in Bucharest/Romania as part of the CCJ4C – Career Counselling for Staff in Criminal Correctional Justice project with representatives of Prison Trade Unions from the following countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Spain. Some of the representatives are also members of EPSU (European Public Service Federation).

In the 2 days of activity the participants had the opportunity to debate the findings from the National workshops, hear about the situation in the invited countries and also to find out how activities are organised in one of the biggest Prison in Romania.

During the Prison visit, it was an excellent opportunity for participants to interact with some of the new prison officers, some of the experienced prison officers and the management.