Welcoming Partners From the Project CCJ4C in Kaunas

BETI, one of the CCJ4C Project Partners, was the host of the Transnational Project Management meeting for the project “CCJ4C – European Career Counselling Guidelines for Staff Working in Criminal Correctional Justice System” in Kaunas. On January 24th and 25th, partners from The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Italy, Turkey, UK, and Lithuania are working towards the implementation of the project work packages. This meeting was held in a blended way, as some of the partners were not able to come due to COVID restrictions.

The main points of this meeting were:

  • Policy Context Analysis in CCJ Careers
  • Stakeholders Analysis IN CCJ Careers
  • Development of the career guidance platform
  • Development of Policy Action Recommendations
  • Dissemination, Exploitation and Presentation of Existing Results.

This meeting was a very important occasion of sharing and discussing future steps that will definitely strengthen the already solid cooperation between the partners.