Invitation CCJ4C Masterclass Conference

On behalf of the consortium of the CCJ4C Project (European Career Counselling Guidelines for Staff Working in Correctional Justice System), we would like to invite you to the Masterclass Conference, which will take place in Brussels, on February 21st 2023. In this conference we will present and discuss the products and results of a three-year-old project which has focused on the carrier of the correctional staff.

Meeting with Andrius Kubilius, member of European Parliament, to discuss the importance of skills development for adult learners

The importance of skills development for adult learners and how CCJ4C – „Career Counselling for Staff in Criminal Correctional Justice” supports the improvement of the career guidance process in the criminal correctional justice (CCJ), was the key topic addressed by our project partner BETI during the meeting with the member of European Parliament from Lithuania – Andrius Kubilius and his assistants Ramūnas Stanionis and Ieva Tvarijonavičiūtė in Brussels.

Workshop within the project organized by SNPP Politia Penitenciara in Bucharest/Romania

On 2nd and 3rd of November 2022 SNPP Politia Penitenciara organised a workshop in Bucharest/Romania as part of the CCJ4C – Career Counselling for Staff in Criminal Correctional Justice project with representatives of Prison Trade Unions from the following countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Spain. Some of the representatives are also members of EPSU (European Public Service Federation).

Are you aware that prison education decreases the violence level inside the institution?

The fact that administrators of prison education programs report demonstrable changes in the overall discipline and behavior of the facility is an intriguing fact. Prisoners who attend educational activities can begin personally experiencing their skills development after only one semester of classes. As a result of their fear of being kicked out of the educational programs, some students are motivated to control their behavior and actions.

Benefits of Prison education

For most people, education is the key to unlocking new, previously closed doors. Therefore, it is important for everyone to have access to it and why education in the prison system is a good method to help inmates develop their abilities and teach them things they can use outside of prison. Instead of keeping inmates behind bars for the remainder of their lives, prisons should aim to educate inmates, help them learn from their mistakes, and prepare them for life outside the carceral system.

„Just sitting at a desk in an office… that wasn’t for me.“

Bremen Prison (Germany) currently has 22 training places to fill. Having an article in the local newspaper is just one way we reach out to – and interest – possible candidates. Using local media is a great way to advertise the positions available, and give some insight into what a career behind bars might be like.

„Filtering and adapting recommendations in the field of correctional justice” Workshop

Timisoara Prison organized the workshop with policymakers, practitioners and researchers to filter and adapt the recommendations” were 20 persons have participated. The Workshop “FILTRAREA ȘI ADAPTAREA RECOMANDĂRILOR DIN DOMENIUL JUSTIȚIEI CORECȚIONALE” (Filtering and adapting recommendations in the field of correctional justice”) has been run in 21.09.2022