First Project Meeting within the Project Partnership

Between 16th – 17th of January 2020 the first project meeting of the project partners within the CCJ4C project was organized in Timisoara, Romania. During the two days of busy and engaging meetings, the project partners had the opportunity to get to know each other better and discuss the main ideas and visions each one has for the project. We have also had the chance to coordinate responsibilities, to set deadlines and milestones, and to identify the main goals and obstacles we foresee for the journey we started for CCJ4C project. After this fruitful meeting, the CCJ4C project partners were thrilled to take the first step to contributing to the implementation of the project.

The Agenda of the first project meeting was fully presented at the beginning of the meeting, being focused on topic such as: Brief Partner Presentation, Background and objectives of the CCJ4C project, CCJ4C project Management and Financial Strategy, Dissemination, Exploitation and sharing of Inspiring Practices. The scheduled program gave the opportunity to exchange knowledge and make various suggestions.

For an interactive meeting the partners collaborated in small discussions groups. One of the most debated topics focused on a better understanding of concepts such as CORRECTIONS and PRISON.

The project partners had the chance to debate in group discussions relevant aspects which highlighted the following questions:

  • What is a learning context for prison staff?
  • What are the main staff career needs regarding career development?
  • How can this learning context support the staff career development needs?
  • What king of training does the staff receive to work with career management competencies? Are they all prepared?
  • What are the main drivers for professionals to guide and manage their own career in CCJ?

The first project meeting of the partners held within CCJ4C project ran out successfully. Furthermore, the meeting promoted an effective cooperation among the project consortium.